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One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Preview

by Diogo Miguel June 23, 2015

The popular One Piece anime is getting another video-game sequel in the form of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3. Not only that, but it's also coming for the first time to Steam and the PlayStation 4.
Tales of Zestiria Preview

by Diogo Miguel June 23, 2015

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Tales of video-games and what better way to celebrate than with the global release of a new entry.
Godzilla: The Game Preview

by Diogo Miguel June 23, 2015

The latest Godzilla film came out in 2014, but it's quite possible that the upcoming video-game could end up being the one that makes the original film staff proud.
Evolve Expansion DLC Preview

by Diogo Miguel March 30, 2015

The first downloadable content for Evolve is nearly here and it's a meaty one with four hunters, a new monsters and a few other extras.
Lords of the Fallen Preview

by Diogo Miguel August 3, 2014

There was a time when Square Enix was better known for its brightly coloured fantasy titles. These days it has branched out and is even publishing Western role playing title, Lords of the Fallen, which is coming out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.
Ultra Street Fighter IV Preview

by Diogo Miguel March 3, 2014

It's been over fiver years since Capcom revived interest in the arcade fighting genre in one swift move with the release of Street Fighter IV. This is not an exaggeration and the proof is in the thousands of arcade that it helped shift over the years.
Dark Souls II Preview

by Diogo Miguel February 28, 2014

It's a tough act to follow up on a stellar game like Dark Souls. A cult hit that has gone on to become one of the most widely recognised titles in recent years. Such a success resulted in a sequel, Dark Souls II.
Evolve Preview

by Diogo Miguel February 13, 2014

Evolve is the latest multi-player focused video-game from Turtle Rock Studios, the creative minds behind the successful Left 4 Dead.
Tales of Xillia 2 Preview

by Diogo Miguel February 5, 2014

It's rare to see a Tales of title being given a sequel and yet Tales of Xillia managed to accomplish just that. Will Tales of Xillia 2 manage to live up to the high standards set up by the original?