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F1 2013 Preview

by Diogo Miguel September 30, 2013

It’s nearly time for the F1 fever to take over the world of video-games. Codemasters is back with this year’s F1 racing attempt, F1 2013.

One if the biggest incentives for getting in the driving seat this year is the F1 Classic section. One of the main modes in this section is the Classic GP. The sheer number of tracks available in each of the Grand Prix play lists is nothing short of impressive. Each of the track having been given the sort of details that will make F1 fans jump with delight at the chance of racing in them.

Time Trial is a challenging mode that felt like only the dedicated fans out there could master. It basically consists of trying to beat another opponent’s time. It’s certainly not as easy as it sounds and it will take some serious determination to accomplish such a task.

The other mode, Time Attack, was a lot more accessible for those who aren’t so skilled at racing video-games. The objective is to try and get the best lap time for a particular track. It’s a lot more relaxed and so ends up being easier to get into than Time Trial.

The final mode is one that will probably make F1 fans really excited. Scenario mode consists of a selection of courses that are based on historic moments from F1 history. The whole point is to get players to relive these moments right from the cockpit.

It’s done by including a set of objectives to complete within each scenario. These are set up so the player will end up completing a particular scenario just like it happened in the past. It was actually rather challenging to attempt completing each objective.

This is a really interesting idea and will certainly test the skills of anyone who wants to complete a scenario exactly how it happened all those years ago. Perhaps the feature that seemed like the most promising during the time spent playing F1 2013.

The main Grand Prix mode takes players back to the modern days of F1 racing. It’s certainly a lot easier to get into this mode. Perhaps because it felt like there were fewer rules to worry about when it came to playing it.

Anyone keen on F1 will also enjoy the fact that it’s possible to select a favourite professional driver, and play with him over the period of a racing season. Those keen to start a virtual F1 racing career can also do it by participating in the Career mode.

The use of modern F1 racing cars is also one of the reasons why this version of Grand Prix is more accessible to a wider range of players. For example, it’s easier to turn racing cars and so on because of modern technology.

That and the fact that F1 2013 developed so those who are not naturally gifted with the ability of driving virtual racing cars can get into it. This is why it’s great to see that there is a whole section where players can make it easier to control a racing car. It might seem insignificant to skilled racer, but it means that more players can potentially get into F1 2013.

In fact, it’s even possible to customise a racing vehicle before a race to make sure it’s adapted to different situations, such as weather conditions. There is also the option to have dynamic weather for those who want more of a challenge. The level of customisation is fantastic and will most likely make for some interesting races.

One of the major differences between Classic and Modern modes is the way racing cars work. The racing cars used in Classic mode are all from the 80s. This means that it’s more of a challenge to race with these, since they don’t have all the fancy equipment like modern racing cars. Instead it means that players are presented with an authentic 80s F1 experience. After all, these are vintage vehicles that are widely known all over the F1 scene.

As expected, it’s not exactly easy to control the vehicles. It’s all about getting used to how each racing car is handled. There are assist options for those that aren’t so good with racing video-games.
As expected, F1 2013 is looking great when it comes to the visuals. Every track included has every detail that fans will most likely notice. The crowd reacts differently depending on how well a player performs during a race. It’s almost like watching F1 live without needing to be there.

The various menus are presented in a manner that makes everything look very professional. There’s various information on vehicles/racers and even the smallest details on tracks – such as turns and laps. This is possibly F1 heaven for everyone who religiously watches all the F1 circuits.

Topping it all is the fact that F1 legend, Murray Walker, makes an appearance during Classic mode. Anyone who has been following F1 for a long time will no doubt know just how important this is.
Overall, it was a positive experience and one that perhaps proves this isn’t just for the fans. Especially since this is coming from someone who isn’t particularly invested in F1 or racing video-games. It seems like the team has worked hard to ensure that it’s the experience fans want too.

The race isn’t over yet, but it’s certainly possible that F1 2013 might be the best one in the series so far.

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