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Crysis 3 Review

by Ryan Lineker March 12, 2013

The third installment of Crytek’s Sci-Fi shooter saga is now with us, bringing with it the return of Prophet and a few familiar and some new faces along the way.

The game starts with you (Prophet) following Psycho from the original Crysis game to infiltrate CELL’s skinning lab. This follows on from Crysis 2 with Psycho waking Prophet up 24 years later, with the aim of taking down the rogue private military corporation that is CELL.

Once making your way through the skinning facility you find yourself entering New York. Contrary to previous games the city is now enclosed in the “Liberty Dome” erected by CELL to protect the remaining citizens from the Ceph. Of course this is not CELL’s real purpose for the dome. This is a glass object that covers the entire city and acts like a giant greenhouse, turning the once thriving city into an unrecognizable rain forest.

With the latest game comes the latest edition of the Nanosuit. As you would expect the features of previous games are still present, with stealth and armour mode mapped to the right and left triggers of the controller respectively.

A new addition to the Nanosuit is the ability to wirelessly hack electronic devices that you come across in the world. This could be unlocking a door to allow you to progress through the level or taking control of automated turrets causing them to start shooting the CELL operatives that set them up in the first place.

Hacking comes around in a sort of new mini game. A signal is displayed on the screen and a marker is oscillating on one of the peaks. You have to then press ‘X’ when marker reaches the signal. What starts as something enjoyable, after you have hacked about 5 devices this whole process becomes somewhat tedious.

If you are new to the franchise then no need to worry about all these new features to your standard FPS. Crytek have included a thorough tutorial teaching you about all the features of the Nanosuit, how to use them, and the optimal time to use these features.

You’re not going to be able to take down CELL with just a Nanosuit. You will also need to some kickass weaponry, and this is one thing that Crysis excels in. As well as guns returning from the previous two titles there are some great new additions to Prophet’s arsenal. In Crysis 3 there is also a new ability allowing Prophet to wield Ceph weapons which are very satisfying to use to say the least.

The weapon you will find yourself using the most is the new Predator bow. This is due to the fact that you can fire the bow while in stealth mode without using up any extra energy from your Nanosuit, a major improvement over firing silenced weapons!

Of course this is not just a normal bow and arrow. There is a selection of four different arrow heads which you can equip to accomplish different tasks on your conquest. These are your standard arrow, the stun/electrify arrow, the thermite tip and the airburst fragmentation arrow. My personal favourite was the thermite tip, which causes your opponent to catch on fire on impact. As well as the customisable arrow heads there are three different draw weights that you can use to suit the scenario that you are in.

One downside of the predator bow and its ability to allow you to stay in stealth mode is that it does tend to make the game quite a lot easier. You can quite simply pick off the enemies in your vicinity without them even knowing where you are.

The overall gameplay of Crysis is not as thrilling as it could have been, and to me it feels like Crytek spent more time trying to create a graphically stunning masterpiece than an immersive plot. As well as this a full run through of the game take roughly 5 hours, to complete the 7 chapters.
Saying this, the game does include large landscapes in each level allowing you to explore and choose the best path to the objective. This allows you to find environmental features in the level and use these to your advantage.

As you would expect from this title there is a large visual aspect to the game. After playing the game both on PC and Xbox 360, the console graphics do not give the game the justice it deserves. But saying that when comparing the console edition to other 360 games it has some of the best graphics around.
The graphics of the vegetation in this game are wonderful. Due to the CELL dome that is enclosing New York City, there is luscious vegetation growing in abandoned buildings and breaking its way out of roofs and walls, which are marvelous spectacles to look at during your mission.

The online multiplayer of the game consists of eleven game modes which are spread over twelve different maps. The majority of the game modes are variants on what you would expect to find in conventional FPS games. The major change with Crysis 3 is that some of the game modes are built around the Nanosuit.

One of the new modes that stood out for me was Hunter. The game mode consists of a few Nanosuited players using their cloaks and equipped only with the Predator bow, taking on a larger group of CELL operatives. Once a CELL player has been killed they join the other team until either the time runs out or CELL has been eliminated.

Overall Crysis 3 is a good game with a priority on giving gamers a visually pleasing experience. This sadly took precedence over the story and it has turned out to be very short. Despite this it is still fun, especially the Predator bow. But the game left me wondering what could have been if the game was longer.

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