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Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII Preview

by Diogo Miguel August 15, 2012

It’s been a while since a video-game that made use of a special peripheral came out. Leave it to the pros at Mad Catz to come up with a custom flight-stick to play the upcoming Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII. It’s certainly an interesting idea but is it worth splashing out on the Pacific AV8R FlightStick?

One of the features that stands out when starting to play Damage Inc. is the emphasis on the historical references. Obviously it’s set during the events of Pearl Harbour. This means that the technology used in the video-game also has to reflect this. So it’s incredible to see the lengths that the development team went to in making it as accurate as possible.

There is an impressive selection of planes to pick from. Not only that but each plane has unique features. Some of them are even suited for certain types of missions.

Throughout this short play through, it was observed that the type of plane selected directly influenced how the controls responded. A heavier plane meant it was harder to accurately aim at targets or even make quick turns.

In contrast, smaller planes are easier to handle. But it is rather difficult to aim as well, due to how quickly they move. However, it’s really up to the player’s preferred play style. Each of the weaknesses for each plan is there to make it challenging.

But just how well integrated is the flight-stick, when using it to take to the skies? If anything from this short demonstration, it felt incredibly responsive. It even manages to make a simple task like taking off exciting.

There aren’t a lot of controls to make use of fortunately. Taking off is as easy as pushing a lever down. It’s so accurate that the slightest movement will change the plane’s speed.

The stick itself is very impressive. It merely requires a slight turn to either side to change the plane’s direction. Other buttons that come in handy include the ability to speed up/down time. The option to fast forward enables the player to cover long distances in a short amount

Slowing down time will make it easier to hit targets. This is highly useful when trying to take down moving targets. It even works for static target, such as boats, since it makes it less stressful drop bombs with right timing. Yes, not only can the planes fire ammo, but they can also drop bombs. This is done with the help of a ground target mark, which tells the player where a bomb will fall.

Each mission comes with a different set of objectives to complete. The initial tutorial is very helpful at making sure new players can get settled in. It might seem overwhelming at first but it is set out so that the player will slowly get more confident. Some of the later missions tried were entertaining, with varied objectives to try.

There is plenty to look at thanks to the locations that events take place in. So expect to see plenty of blue skies and some exotic locations. It wasn’t possible to try it but there is also a multiplayer section. This section will make it possible for players to show their skills in different modes.

Damage Inc isn’t exactly one for everyone, but it will surely interest those who are into the flight simulation genre. Not only that but it does a stellar job when it comes to using the Pacific AV8R FlightStick. This has the potential for being remembered as a flight video-game that made good use of a specialised peripheral.

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