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Capcom Digital Collection Review

by Diogo Miguel March 27, 2012

Publishers have been using nostalgia as an effective tool over the last few years. It’s probably quite easy to release video-game collections, using titles from their back catalog. Best of all is that it also pleases long time fans. A publisher like Capcom is bound to have an impressive back catalog full of classics.

Capcom is not one to just release classics like Super Street Fighter 2 without some sort of enhancement. In fact, every classic on this collection has received a complimentary makeover. There’s also the inclusion of a few new installments in cherished series like Bionic Commando 2 and new ambitious gambles like Flock.

Anyone old enough to have been following Capcom from the beginning will instantly recognize the classics. Playing Super Street Fighter 2 (HD Remix) in all its high definition glory is simply breathtaking.

Not only that but it has been modified so that it can handle online matchmaking, without having to worry much about such issues as input lag. Other benefits include a new remixed soundtrack and the ability to change between new and old visuals. This is the sort of reason why Capcom’s long standing fighting series is still highly popular.

Those that are not proficient with the art of Street Fighter can always beat up thugs in the streets of Final Fight Double Impact. The double impact isn’t there just to make the title longer either. This offering packs a meaty two for one punch consisting of Final Fight and Magic Sword.

Oddly enough both are distinctively different but equally fun to play through. Playing Final Fight is like time traveling back to a time where video-games like it were very popular. It’s hard to explain but there is a mysterious lasting appeal to beating up thugs. The addition of a two player mode makes this even more interesting and one of the best titles on the collection.

Other classics in the collection have also aged well and benefited from various enhancements. It’s difficult to put the controller down after starting to play Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix. The title is a real mouthful but it’s a worthy expansion, for the Street Fighter series, into new territory.

This new version includes various online modes that showcase how much fun it is to beat other players. The collection also has old school shooters covered with Wolf of Battlefield : Commando 3 and 1942: Joint Strike. Both of these look fantastic in high definition and provide full cooperative modes.

It’s surprising that Capcom chose to include Bionic Commando 2 over the first one that came out on digital platforms. This just makes this collection even better value for money though. Bionic Commando 2 is a much easier experience and so is accessible to a wider range of gamers. Enabling the use of such basic functions as jumping does wonder for the well known Capcom platform shooter.

Other new functions such as the ability to slide by latching on to objects also come in handy. It also makes uses of checkpoints and is less harsh on players when it comes to the number of lives issued. It helps that it is set in exotic locations and has an extremely catchy soundtrack.

Flock is one of the digital titles that is a completely new offering included in the disk. The premise behind it is that an UFO has come to Earth and must abduct a certain number of animals. It might sound strange but is extremely enjoyable.

In fact it is a lot like a puzzle in that it takes some thinking, to herd all kinds of animals towards the abducting gadget. There’s a lot of different levels to get through and it managed to not get repetitive. The real pleasure in Flock comes from trying to climb up the leader-boards. Specially after finding a new path that will make it possible to abduct all enemies faster; which also means earning a higher score.

The only oddity in this collection is Rocketmen: Axis of Evil which doesn’t really fit in. It’s difficult to understand the concept behind it and the level layout is confusing. Still it’s impressive that a collection with so many digital titles is able to contain such high quality gaming. Disappointingly there is not much included in terms of extras.

Other similar collections such as the Mega Drive Ultimate compilation have included content; which is unlocked by playing and meeting objectives. Some of the digital titles in this Capcom collection do have incentives such as Final Fight’s challenge vault. But it would have been nice to have some overall rewards consisting of concept arts, staff interviews and so on.

The Capcom Digital Collection is a reminder of why Capcom has lasted so long. It’s hard to see a publisher who would go to the trouble of not only bringing back classics but also enhancing them. Those who purchased most of the titles involved obviously should skip it. But anyone yet to try any of them definitely needs to take advantage.

It will not only avoid using up a significant amount of hard drive space, but buying each individually would end up being far more expensive. The irony of packing a selection of digital titles on a disk isn’t lost, but it’s worth it for those who haven’t experienced any of them.

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