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Inversion Multiplayer Preview

by Diogo Miguel March 12, 2012

The multiplayer aspect of a video-game is probably the most important feature when it comes to the shooting genre, or at least for the current generation of gamers. It’s not surprising to find that nearly every shooter out there has a multiplayer of some kind. The upcoming Namco Bandai title Inversion is no exception.

Inversion is a video-game where gravity is a double edged sword in that it can either be an ally or a harsh adversary. Characters are empowered with the ability to use gravity in various ways. It’s possible to either lift up characters in a manner similar to Mass Effect’s singularity power or even use gravity to crush them. So how is it possible to add such powerful abilities to the multiplayer without making it unbalanced?

Inversion’s way to ensure that the multiplayer doesn’t turn into a gravity feast is very simple. Each player has a limited number of power uses. It’s possible to get more but only by finding them in the map. Resorting to the use of gravity powers requires careful thinking. If it misses the other player then it will leave the player’s character wide open to attacks; like a piñata at a birthday party. Effective use of gravity powers is one of the key ingredients in doing well. There’s something satisfying about shooting an adversary flapping about helplessly in the air. Well it’s not exactly a helpless situations as it is possible to have limited movement. So don’t think that an adversary is easy prey as it’s possible to still shoot while floating.

The multiplayer maps for Inversion benefit from the unique single player level design. Each of the maps has a different concept behind it. For example in one map players will find it difficult to find cover due to its open layout. The war zone isn’t restricted to just one plane either. Some maps make it possible to do walk on any section. This creates situations where players are shooting others from unconventional locations like a path on a wall. It’s ironic that this removes the issue of camping as it’s difficult to find a cover, since the play area isn’t restricted to one plane.

Inversion will probably have more modes but the one available to play is the standard death match. This mode lives up to its name considering how quickly players died in some of the maps. The open based layouts of some maps meant that old school Wild West style showdowns occurred frequently. It’s certainly exhilarating to focus on one target only to have two or three aiming at the player’s character. Its absolute mayhem and shows that the death match multiplayer mode still has some life in it.

Those interested in custom characters are in for a treat as it’s possible to have one in this game. Various options are locked but will be unlocked by performing well in multiplayer matches. There’s a lot of options which should make it possible to lower the chances of coming across the same custom player character in a match. There are other incentive to keep playing multiplayer such as awards unlocked for meeting certain conditions. It’s the sort of detail that shows how much effort a developer put into adding a multiplayer section, which does more than compliment the single-player.

The Inversion multiplayer is looking promising and a nice change from the typical experience that comes from playing shooters online. It is certainly an extra reason to give Inversion a go once it comes out in a couple of weeks. This is an experience that shooting video-game fans won’t want to miss, if the other modes are anything like death match.

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