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Dead Space 2 Review

by Reece Heywood January 26, 2011

In Dead Space 2 you return as trusty engineer Isaac Clarke and the game showcases a great deal of change, a more broad location of levels, extra enemies and twists that make this game so much better than the first.

The game starts 3 years after the events of the U.S.G Ishimura outbreak on a Space station known as the Sprawl, with amnesia Isaac Clarke doesn’t have a clue whats going on. But shortly after he realises that once again he will have to deal with another up surge of Necromorphs while attempting to escape and to uncover the truth.

He is contacted by a women of the name Daina who offers help to ensure Isaac’s survival, she communicates with him supplying details of which location he needs to go to without getting in harms way. He has no choice but to follow her instructions if he wants to survive.

From here you progress on missions which take you through residential areas, schools and to the depths of outer space. Along the way you will encounter many troubling moments and having thoughts of whats actually happening.

With hundreds of enemies to take down an arsenal of weapons can be handy including flame throwers to an industrial saw known as the Ripper what chops up Necromorphes with ease. Dead Space 2 is somewhat linear you should explore off the main path to ensure you don’t miss out useful items which could be crucial to you surviving. Certain items found can be sold for huge amount of credits at the inventory store which you can then spend on supplies of ammo or health.

Throughout your journey on Sprawl you will find rooms locked which can be unlocked with power nodes to obtain extra items or new armour suits. Power nodes can also be used to upgrade your suit, refill Stasis or enhance your weapons abilities. While progressing through the game Isaac not only has to deal with the Necromorph but also he has personal problems from the events of the first Dead Space with menacing visions of his dead girl friend.

With that said Isaac is no longer your standard space engineer, he knows how to deal all types of Necromorphes and always puts up a solid fight even in the toughest situations he approaches everything full on.

Controls play well, needing to blast through a pack of enemies is simple enough with the use of alternative fire on the larger weapons. The ability to sprint if your stuck for ammo or health packs helps many times. The locater comes in handy if you want to find a workstation to upgrade weapons or just save your progress. Just a simple click on the right stick will guide you towards the target with different colours representing various spots.

The joys of using Statis to slow down enemies never got old and it comes in handy with certain enemies throughout the game, and if you ever find yourself running low on ammo you can take advantage of the Telekinesis to launch sharp objects at Necromorph and have them impaled to the walls & ceilings.

There is nothing more entertaining than watching a horde of Necromorephes get sucked into the abyss of outer space while you hold on for dear life attempting to shoot the safety switch to engage emergency lockdown.

The campaign mode had me sucked in for several hours and on completion rewards you with new Elite and Security suits variants, weapons. Including suits and weapons from your prior play-through will be available. A new difficulty mode known as Hardcore mode is unlocked which you will find the bare minimum of health and ammo to stay alive. Whats more insane is you can only save 3 times throughout the whole game.

In addition to the campaign Dead Space 2 also includes a multiplayer mode which has the humans stand of against the Necromorphes. The humans have objectives such as escape the infested area and the Necromorphes have to do everything to stop them.

The mode was entertaining for awhile but slowly bored me with nothing new happening apart from a few unlockables and laughs when stomping on ones head then witnessing it turn into a bloody pulp. While the multiplayer may go stale I strongly recommend the game for the campaign, once again it has managed to raise the bar for survival horror titles this generation.

Dead Space 2 has plenty of scares and twists in the story, amazing scenarios gearing up tension and remarkable audio to compliment the dark twisted presentation throughout the game.

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